Plex App Reviews

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Activate not working

In app activate not working showing "Your purchase could not be completed


Have a hard time staying connected


This app is the best thing since sliced bread. Great entertainment at a reasonable price.

Great app!

Works beautifully, great UI, absolutely love this app


Works ok, few movies are lagging on optics, but if you change the streaming speed to 2mb its fine.

Plex is the truth

Been using Plex for a long time now. I cant imagine not having it. Its my own personal Netflix. Best of all if you have friends with Plex you can share each others media. Plex is the truth.

Worked great until recent.

Family sharing seems broken. Started cutting out on wifes phone, tried to restore purchases on her phone and it claimed it hadnt been purchased.

App crashes during AirPlay

This app constantly crashes after 5-10 minutes on AirPlay.


I cant live without this app. Plex kills Netflix. I dont work for Plex but I wish I did. Btw, Im a front end developer if youre hiring.

Great product

This is a great product. Some items take a little work to figure out how to set up. Their forums are very helpful. It really provides an excellent media platform. I highly recommend

Mobile photo dud

Mobile photo uploading is still in Alpha.


Ive been using it for over 2 years, I have a plex server setup with premium account also.


Its junk. It has more updates but I dont see anything getting fixed.

Awesome, but

Wheww. Much better. This is a must have for a plex media setup. Awesome with roku!

Still doesnt work as remote

Plex has dropped the ball with supporting a holistic home theatre ecosystem. The app no longer properly acts like a remote with no control over sound and scrubbing glitches, also cant pause and restart playback if you exit the app. The remote buttons dont register up and down to open onscreen menu. The watch later section has never been fixed after watching a video it remains there for years now and no way to remove it. Debating cancelling Plex pass and moving to Kodi.

Still Missing Vital Feature

Something that has been requested since iOS 7 or 8. Play support while in the background. It stinks watching something and needing to swap to another app for a quick minute and having to pause my media rather than let it keep playing in the background to listen to whats happening. Oh, and the circle loading icon is still plaguing a lot of the plugin channels.

The Itunes Impossible Dream

I will say this for Plex... with the Itunes Channel option I can now get my Ipod to stream my Itunes library from my computer... something Itunes hasnt quite perfected after SIX YEARS of trying! Four stars for making the Ipod work correctly!

Limits on playback

The app itself was crap, and I could only watch 1 minute of my videos, or I will have to pay for plex pass

Love this app

Works well and does everything i need it to! Cheers to the devs!

Must have

Best app for those with lots of local media in their computers (TV shows and movies) who want to be able to watch them in multiple devices. Buy this and plex pass lifetime and youll not regret it!

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