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Dois the job

Elle fait son boulot

The best app ever

I have an extended synology nas, with Plex Server installed on it. I can acces my contents from all my devices, from all other the world, even the web interface is wonderfully crafted. Just awesome !

Voiceover users

Please think about the accessibility of your app.


Very good app. It would be nice to allow converting it into a plex remote for another device.

Awesome !

The best app ever to organize all medias and be able to stream it live from wherever you are, or sync it to your smartphone or mobile device. Very easy to use. I was even able to configure it so that it finds Thaï subtitles on its own for my movies. Incredible ! Thanks a lot to all the Plex team.

Media heaven

The best media streamer I have ever seen. Granted, it takes some effort to set up - but once done you will never regret switching to it!

Photos can not be modified

It would be absolutely enormous if it was possible to modified via the mobile device, the pictures stored on the PC, using Lightroom, Photos or any tool... Too bad also that it seems not possible to delete via Plex the pictures stored on the PC because Plex could be a handy tool to easily clean the pictures library. Keep improve Plex to make it an ultimate app


Muito bom. The best!

Nice but found an annoying bug

Easy to find server and setup the first time. Missing some of the browser features and the layout is different as well (needs uniformity). Bug: when you press the sleep button, it stops playback, but an hour later the playback starts again even while the device is locked. It woke me up in the middle of the night.


When we download the episodes on the full version, to play off line, we cant add subtitles.. You need to fix that! Because i want to see the episodes on the airplane for example but i dont have the subtitles! Thanks

Plex is perfect

But its not working for me since last update.


Thats all i need! Tks

Must have

Best app for those with lots of local media in their computers (TV shows and movies) who want to be able to watch them in multiple devices. Buy this and plex pass lifetime and youll not regret it!


When using shuffle on a fairly big music librery plex keeps crashing during the next 30 minutes on iOS. Hmm.

Everything wonderful

In app purchase of lifetime subscription would be cool

Locks up my phone completely !

Plex crashes regularly and when it does I cannot use my iPhone 6 at all. Have to reboot to make it work again. Very unstable!

Worst media server available

Worst media server Ive ever seen! No content is shared no matter witch player i tried. Serviio is much much better!!!!

Works perfect ...

... for me :)

Pretty much flawless, but...

For this Price Tag the Download function really should be included

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