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Last update is a Disaster. App is useless now

I am using Plex for YEARS. I have tones of media organized the way I like. WHO IS THE BRAINLESS MORON RESPONSIBLE FOR TRASHING MY FAVORITE MEDIA APP!!! Dude if you recently lost your brain that is your recent problem but why pushing this crap on me !!!!! I. W A N T M Y. P L E X. BACK !!!!!!!!

No longer access downloads

I used to be able to download a movie from plex to my phone, and if I were to go camping I would be able to watch with no service. That feature is no longer there. What happened!? This app used to be great!

I hate this program with all my heart

This program has never ever worked right. It updates almost daily and you have to input all the acct data over and over and over again. I haven’t been able to watch tv or sports with this program for the entirety of the time that we’ve had it. A total waste of time and energy.

May I Never Upgrade Again

It was so nice. I knew where everything was. Now I cannot find what on my iPhone. Why do these people sit around and feel they have change look and feel. Don’t they have anything better to do? Where is my iPhone desktop on this app? Not good

What happened?

Since the redesign getting to your local content is riddled with bugs and incomplete workflows. I am not sure why they assume that if you cannot connect to a remote server it would be an’s almost insulting that they throw an error in the middle of a valid use case, you know like when you want to view downloaded content.

I just like it at home...

It’s great for organizing my media and playing on my TVs at home, I just have streaming issues everywhere else on my iPhone or Android tablet. So almost not worth paying for the premium if I’m not going to be able to use it outside of my home.

Plex 👎👎

The Plex app for iPhones is the absolute worst. Any movie I’m trying to watch on there is limited to only 720p. Can’t go higher. My laptop will be fine with the Plex. Plex needs to fix the app.


Great movie player


Just saying.... an audiobook section with a “sleep timer” would be greatly appreciated. Even a “sleep timer” for podcasts and music would be great!

More Options

Plex is great!! But one thing I would change is that you can only get things that are popular I think you should be able to get whatever you want. Sincerely, More Options

best app ever

Literally watch all of my fave shows and movies on here

New design

Let me start by saying I love Plex the app and all of the possibilities it has and are working on. Let me finish by saying I hate the new IOS design. Please bring back the old design

Because Plex

For years I looked for a solution for all my digitized movies. I bought a ton through iTunes but still had 1200 DVD’s that I own. Enter plex. after meticulously ripping all my media via handbrake did I have a a spot for them. But they were tagged, organized and placed into a single spot ( protected on a raid 5 server) hell yes. Since discovering plex I became a card carrying user with over 35 users attached to my libraries, 100,000 songs from my personal collection to several hundred tv shows indexed and ready to go. I recommend this to anyone wanting to organize and show off their library.


So user unfriendly. Miss old app.

Great product

Have been using plex for about 3 years. Like having your own personal netflix for content you own or produce. Obviously, whomever sets this up and maintains your server needs some tech skills.

Great product- bad update

Product is great but with the latest update the app is hard to navigate and not very user friendly.

Plex on IOS

Interface has a learning curve. TV guide should mimic the MCE guide and the server guide

Please change the layout!

I love everything about this app but I hate the new layout. It's harder to navigate with the new layout.


Honesty Plex is the best media app there is. Every purchase I make revolves around Plex. I bought an iPad again just so I can use it on a larger format than just my phone. Apple needs to thank them for driving business they're way. Thank you so much Plex developers for making such a great media experience!

Update broke sync

Since the latest update my content seems to be syncing to the app from the media server but I can view it when I’m offline. No option to view content on this device.

I love Plex, but the latest update is a step backwards

The latest Plex update removes local content from the source list, which means you can’t identify what’s been synced to your device. This is very frustrating when you’re unable to connect to a network and just want to listen to music that doesn’t have to been streamed to your phone or tablet. Please add local content back to the source list.

I have organised... Give the option of libraries back

The new user interface is not bad. However removing the ability for users that have made multiple libraries to organize their media the way they want it to be organized, was a mistake. Give us back the ability to select our media using libraries and I will return my rating to 5 stars. You don’t need to remove the new user interface but let those of us who have been using the old interface successfully continue to do so.

Terrible update! Hate Plex now!!!

Same terrible UI After recent update... Plex went from one of my favorite apps to one of my most aggravating apps in the matter of an update! I have also found that Plex totally censors negative reviews and thoughts!

Most Days, The Best Media Server/Client Available, But...

Updated Plex iOS app today and there is no longer an option to select media that is synced on my device (used to be in the upper left corner in the server selection menu). Filtering media by “Synced Items Only” does not show only what is synced to the device either. I love Plex but this is unacceptable. Also, I’d recommend being able to add TV Shows and Movies On This Device shortcuts to the home screen instead of having to go to TV/Movies and selecting On This Device (assuming they ever bring it back).

Love it just one change

I love this app and service. One thing I wish it had or maybe I don’t see it is being able to stop playback in the app. I have Plex Plass and would love it to stop others viewing from the app.

Used to be great, now it’s just awful

Plex’s apps across multiple OS’s and devices is like the Tower of Babel. Now with their focus on content type instead of the carefully crafted libraries so many Plex users made, this new iOS app makes navigation and use a real pain! And it doesn’t look/work like apps on my ATV, PC, FireTV, etc. What a mess! DON’T upgrade till you truly understand the changes.

Keeps getting worse!

The latest update changed the UI for the worse, it’s far harder to navigate now and the presentation of media is just a mess. [update 8/5] Starting from a couple weeks ago, the app is no longer able to connect if Ive had it closed (backgrounded) for a while, and claims that the server cannot be found. This can be fixed by killing the process and restarting, but this is a new issue.

Simply amazing

I bought the lifetime subscription just so I could support this team. They outdo themselves with every update. Probably the single most use app on my tv, phone and sometime also the browser! It’s like 1000 times better than using samba mounts.

Used to be great

Used to be much better before the last major update

I could not live without this app

I have use Plex on my home media sever for years and this app make see my media very easy love this app

Worse app ever!! Don’t waste your time.

Doesn’t even work on PS4!

A horse walks into a bar

And the bartender asks, “Hey, do you like Plex?” The horse says yes, so he goes home with the bartender and they watch movies and television shows until late in the night. They started drinking heavily and looked through photo albums, listened to music, and watched live tv...all right there in Plex. They passed out drunk while listening to podcasts and awoke the next morning to Plex still faithfully shuffling through playlists. The bartender remembers that the horse wanted him to record a show to watch while eating his oats and hay for breakfast. He quickly realizes that he forgot to set the DVR to record Mr. Ed at 4 am! Without turning his gaze from the DVR library he says, “I’m afraid there’ll be no Mister Ed for your breakfast.” The horse let out one of those sounds (you know, that whinny thing they do) and the bartender turns to the horse and asks... “HEY, WHY THE LONG FACE?”

Please fix.

The latest version of Plex on Apple TV allows the user to press the Play/Pause button to pause a video. To resume playback we now have to press the trackpad instead of pressing Play. Please fix.

Absolutely THE BEST!

This is undoubtedly THE BEST media streamer out there, period.


Fantastic personal shareable digital video server.

Need help

I am a 72 year old 100% disabled vet, I have some issues and I cannot figure out how to use this and I cannot get a hold of a person at plex to help me. Darn it!

Clunky interface

The user interface needs to be streamlined. I should be able to browse my files easily instead it takes several clicks to get where I’m going. Navigation is a chore.

It's too unreliable

I want so bad for Plex to live up to its potential. But sadly, the DVR just isn't ready. Too many software bugs. It just doesn't work consistently well enough to qualify as a cord cutter solution. It has missed 90% of my last 5 days of scheduled recordings. Ugh! Update 7.30.2018: I’ve been using Plex for 16 months now as my DVR. Sadly, I’ve given up on this much needed software. It’s gotten to the point where more often than not my scheduled recordings have failed. The software crashes on FireTV with regular consistency. All my crash reports to Plex have gone unanswered. I’m going back to DirecTV. My frustration level is just too high to continue with Plex.

Wretched New Design

Plex has a new look and it is awful. The new design massively reduces the usefulness of the app. Navigation is now much harder. Fewer videos are shown and landscape mode is no longer supported. Give this one a miss. Plex is not interested in letting you watch your videos only in pushing their new “featured” ideas

Love it!!

Plex rules. I love it. Been using since beginning and am very impressed with changes over time. Also run my own Plex server and share with family. One request guys. Please don't sell out.

Recent Poor UX Decisions

Really not interested in the home/discover screen, please just let me default to my full library view. Also quadrupled the number of inputs required to switch between libraries.

Plex used to be a great longer the case

Recently Plex saw fit to revamp its server app. I used to be able to share content with a friend in another state. No longer the case, in fact, I can’t even find a way within the app to connect to his server now. Completely useless app. Go to the Plex forum inside the app, and you’ll see multiple posts complaining about the recent update and its uselessness. Pathetic waste of time. If I could rate it a zero, there wouldn’t be a single star on this one. They’ve made this thing way too complicated to use in the first place. The setup and and running instructions are completely user unfriendly. Dumping this one.

Plex is SOLID Performer

Been using this app and Server for several years now. A very mature combination resulting in a pleasurable media experience! Thank You PLEX Developers. Keep up the good work!

Add a rescan library button to unlock 5 stars

Kind of ridiculous this still isn’t a thing. Let me rescan from the app!



Great but needs work.

Some movies that I have in my library will show subtitles on my computer but not my iOS device. It's been a known issue for almost a year now. Hopefully it gets resolved. But works 90% of the time doing exactly what I need it to do. It's ambitious for what it is and I'm happy it exists but they need to listen to their users more.

New bug: poor playback quality

In this version the “Play original quality” under payback settings always shows up as 0.3 Mbps.

Dislike The New App

This rating is ONLY for the current Plex app. I love Plex, and the old app. The current app is soooooo difficult to navigate and find things. Like I said, I would give Plex Server program and the former app 5 Stars. But the new redesigned app is totally confusing!

New version is so hard to use

The new version seems so much messier and it’s hard to use. I think I understand what they are trying to do but it breaks the organization systems I put in place on my servers. Now it forces me to select movies and then I can look at how I organized or how others are organized. Think we need the old system back might downgrade the app


I’ve been using Plex for along time it’s awesome it lags so,times because when I click a movie that I was was when i I clicked it would load so pls fix this.

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