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Very good

Thank you for the continuous updates

Well made Media Server

This is a great app for your media collection. Well organized and good on the eyes. Only issue I can say is they need more codecs built into the players to support more media types and less resource intensive transcoding.

Current version for Xbox is terrible.

The latest version for Xbox is terrible. Menus make no sense. Terrible logical order.

Plex is great but...

Plex is amazing, but then I got the IPhone X and it's almost unusable for video... The video extends to the edges on both sides causing a rounded look at the corners and the speaker/camera bar blocks the video... Please fix!!!

Needs some work

On the iPhoneX the default full screen is not as large as it can be before running into the notch, overall the size is smaller then it should be for videos. Their is too much black bar space, no need for that much! Please fix this so videos use as much of the screen as possible before touching the notch. Also please expedite the ability to direct stream hevc 4k video with HDR!!

Works good then shuts down

It works good then soon as you start looking for music it closes out the app with ios 11.1.2 on iphone 8plus please fix !

Almost perfect

Works great, lots of features. If only it could stream to chromecast live tv

Best media Server out

Always updating adding and making the whole experience very nice!!! Keep it up :))

Doesn’t work with iOS 11

Fix your app. It doesn’t work with iOS 11. In fact when selected a pop up says it won’t work and the developer needs to update the app.

Doesnt allow to test tge app for music streaming

It says there is a 1 minute playback limit but music never starts, the warning message keeps popping up. How can I buy the app without even testing?

Not working after update

Fix this please, Plex

Awesome app

Awesome app!


I’ve been using Plex cloud off and on since it was first introduced and it’s still incredible buggy. Videos lag, even on PlayStation app, and then don’t play. I’m not sure if it’s Dropbox or Plex itself, but it’s not worth the 5 bucks a month if it doesn’t work....

Don’t pay for this app

Paying for this app basically gets you nothing you couldn’t get from watching it via the web. I literally paid for it so I could download MY OWN CONTENT and watch it offline. Well no my $5 isn’t good enough for that, I have to have a Plex pass. Don’t waste your money on this app because it can’t perform basic functions. 👎🏻

Absolutely Amazing!!

I have been using Plex for years and I LOVE it! I use it daily for movies, music, and TV shows. I couldn’t live with out it. They have added such great features through the years the latest being the DVR feature. They are also very good at keeping things up to date and running smoothly. Was having a shuffle issue, but that was promptly addressed with the latest update. Great work Plex!

I love you 💖

Keep up the good work!

Easiest way to implement a home media server

I have yet to purchase the Plex Pass, I can't really rate those features, but from what I have seen so far, using Plex has been an amazing experience in my first real foray into using a home media server that I can access through my phone, iPad, and even Roku device.


I’ve been through hours of faq and community forums and I’m still getting an error that my server can’t be found. But you know what the worst part is? They don’t allow you to get any support AT ALL if you are having a problem! They say support emails will be ignored. What kind of company has zero way to contact them if you have technical problems? Steer clear of a company that asks for your money and doesn’t even have a support department . Garbage.


Love the new features and support. I didn’t need to subscribe, but I did it anyway to support your awesome work. Keep it up! Down with Netflix, up with Plex!

HEVC + mov_text direct stream has a problem

When I play direct stream the mp4 file that contains hevc and mov_text, subtitle is not working. It working with android and web.

Can’t play any videos

Horrible App now All I get is error Conversion failed. transcoder crashed or failed to start

Plex App is wonderful

Plex has some minor issues but overall is a very well designed App.


I love plex and have been a user since the begin but the update today is terrible. I have an entirely HEVC library. They add HEVC support and my iPad Pro that has an A9X process capable of HEVC is now slower then ever before. It takes at least 20-30 seconds just to load a list of my movies on the local network. From there some HEVC files only play audio and other play 10 seconds and buffer again. They are all direct play and encoded exactly they same way at the same but rate and audio profiles. Fix promptly please!


I can not do the activation.

Nice Bait and Switch

Worked great for years, but only recently have they now started charging $4.99 for an In-App Purchase to use Plex on iOS and Android. Will be moving my media server elsewhere.

I think it could be better

It keeps locking up and nothing else does. One day it works, the next day it doesn’t. Then next week it does. And we paid for a lifetime membership a few years ago. It’s frustrating at times because we haven’t been able to cut the cord. Also, when we go to “local” to get the news, it’s not our local. It’s not even our state, let alone our city.

Can’t live with it ...

Can’t live without it. Freezes and crashes constantly. No functional widget. Terrible media navigation. I still use it every day because I’m not aware of any third party apps.

Compatible for apple tv.

i love the app & all the features it has. although i love to watch my movies on my tv. I have an apple tv box which can mirror my phone screen to my tv, although then i can’t leave it to check notifications. i’d use the app a lot more if it was capable of downloading on apple tv!!!!

Love this app

Runs well on an iPhone 5c

It makes the PLEX experience

At first I got this for the iPhone, but when I picked up an iPad the experience was so much better. I just wish I knew the commands better because I am probably only using a fraction of them. It would actually be great to have access to the media manager from this app, and of course a finer-grained fast forward/reverse would be nice. I find that the freezes up quite often, and sometimes it cannot find my wireless network when the network is just fine. My biggest regret is that when PLEX crashes (way too often on HD content) the PLEX app has no keyboard I can use to interact with my mini. This forced me to purchase another keyboard app, which I can actually use to control PLEX. When the app works it is great but it isn't as stable as it should be and, as mentioned, it really needs a keyboard so that I can interact with the computer when PLEX crashes. Update since 3.3 and PLEX Home Theater: There are several issues that cropped up with this release that are disconcerting. First, with this release the developers abandoned PLEX Home Theater w/o telling paying customers who either had not, or do not want to 'upgrade' to PLEX Home Theater. that would rate a loss of a star. Second, getting to the navigation and control screen takes more, not less, effort, and is undocumented with the app. They provide the address to help pages but it isn't a navigable link so getting to the help pages is painful. Third, and this is not so much a problem with the app as it is with PHT, the default skin is very difficult to navigate, and the Aeon skin became available after the PHT conversion, so for a while the app was almost useless. With the Aeon skin, and once you become familiar with the new app interface, things are better, and the changes to the Aeon skin are good (though the search keyboard can be improved and buttons for common things like subtitles would be nice). I briefly knocked the app down to 1 star but now I've raised it to 3. October 20, 2017 update: I returned from a trip to find that my PHT player no longer shows up as selectable. I may be able to control the player with a ‘remote’ app but that is why I purchased the PLEX iOS app. Some might tell me to ‘upgrade’ to PLEX Media Player, but I really love the Aeon Anoobie skin and hate what the PLEX folks deem as an improvement with their standardized, homogenized, boring skin. Back to a single star.

Keeps getting better... but...

Plex continues to get better and more feature rich each year. The server setup is now totally painless... took me 5 minutes. Very easy to install and access your media. Plus Plex is available for almost any device. But I have two complaints / requests... still NO photo slideshow feature or photo playlist feature for iOS devices including Apple TV? This basic feature is NOT even available if you purchase the Plex Pass as a premium user. I really don’t understand this feature omission which needs to be added before and I’ll purchase the Plex Pass. For now I use Filebrowser that at least has a simple slideshow feature. I’d also like to see a Live TV Guide option that has a similar format to the typical cable TV box which I find much easier to navigate and schedule recordings. Until then I’ll have to continuing using the excellent Channels DVR app.

Plex remains crap

Bait and switch. You buy a wd nas with plex and they want more money to use it. Crappy playback, dlna is junk, it's crap from the ground up.

Latest update SLOW!

The latest update to this app I SO SLOW!!! I can't get anything from my server to load! Just a blank screen! Web browser and Roku app work fine, so I know it's not an issue with my server. Please fix this app!

Issue with iOS playback

Recently, probably 2 updates ago, all videos I play on iOS start stopping around the ten minute remaining mark, I have to open it again and resume, it will play for less than a minute and do it again. Plays fine up to that point. I then have to download the item to my iPad to finish watching it. Other than that, I’ve used this app for years and have loved it.

wonderful media server and app(s)

There are hiccups here and there but they are regularly patched, it’s an amazing app and cheap corresponding service.

Works very well for video

Works beautifully in streaming video content, works for subtitles, even formatted ones, like a dream. The only problem I have is the rotation of the app - every time a video ends, the app rotates to only fill half the screen and this can only be fixed by exiting the app and relaunching it. Also, it never seems to remember which way the device is rotated

Doesn’t Save Place - Crashes Constantly

New install with 11.0.3 after factory reset with iPhone 6+. Doesn’t save place in movie or TV show. Portrait or landscape mode changes causes app to crash. Hugely buggy and slow to respond.

All my dreams come true

Beautiful. Fast. Comprehensive.


Can’t seem to figure it out

Always some problem or another

Plex is useful but full of annoying bugs. For example storing track progress just doesn’t work at all on iOS. And lots of Mp3 files are added to your library with lots of ////////////// symbols if they use an older form of Id3 tag; this bug has been reported repeatedly for years but when you report it again they act like you’re making stuff up. Plex Cloud is bad and non-functional also by the way.

Amazing App with Cheap Prices!

I would reccomend this app to anyone liking multi-device support and cheap Passes with DVR and Live TV! Just only I can’t get to see Live TV but probably because I just bought it :)

Fix Lossless Syncing

Glad you added FLAC support but syncing FLAC or ALAC is STILL not working. Can you fix that?

Camera upload UPDATED

Update 10-18 - looks like background cam upload is fixed! Updated 8-24 - camera upload still broken, not fixed in latest update. Updated 8-19 - camera upload in the background broken again. Please fix and add to regression testing. Updated 5-30 - gotta give credit where credit is due - THEY ACTUALLY FIXED CAMERA UPLOAD! Great work, I actually cannot believe it! I can now kick off a sync and "walk" away!

Airplay is now broken

Version 4.18 broke the airplay feature. I sync media to my iPhone. When traveling, I plug an Apple TV into the hotel TV and Airplay media from my iPhone Plex library to the ATV. That doesn’t work since the 4.18 update.


Streaming on chromcast works fine for most of my selection then starts buffering every two seconds, for every movie I own. I have used Plex for years and never had a problem until this last year. I don't know what happened but plex needs to step it up.

Has made my life easier for years

It’s an amazing experience to be able to watch all your movies from anywhere you have an internet connection. Worth every penny

Long Time Plex User Here

I remember when Plex was forked from XBMC (Xbox Media Center) because of the direction and vision a group saw what Plex could turn out to be. Even in those early days, Plex was something very special and I used their server and client applications on various platforms. Over the years I have had many clients and a couple of different media servers, but one thing has remained the same. Plex always played my media, always matched my media artwork and other metadata and did it perfectly. I am a lifetime PlexPass subscriber. It’s worth every penny IMO. My current setup is Plex on a ReadyNAS 16TB Network Attached Storage device. Recently, the 10.5 inch iPad Pro has become my primary computer. The Plex iOS app when used in conjunction with the amazing screen on the iPad Pro makes for a great video watching experience. (And having AirPlay and Chromecast support allows an easy transition to the 4K big screen. The is also a Plex app on my Samsung TV, TiVo Bolt and Xbox One.) If you are looking for a media manager that supports multitudes of hardware and operating systems for both client and server applications, Plex is the best of the best.

"BY FOLDER" GONE?? File info gone???

I have no idea why an update would remove features present in prior versions, but that is what Plex has done here and as usual there is no way to roll back to the prior iOS Plex app. One of the most important functions- is now apparently gone, the view "by folder " option. I can't believe that any level of testing was done in this function left out, how are we supposed to browse folders of videos that are organized as a TV season or movie? Or collections of music?? Additionally in the prior iOS Plex app you could view very detailed information on any file (including exact media information and file location relative to the flex server), I see that option has been removed as well. Instead of praising the "upgrades" in the description for this update how about stating what has been removed so that users can know to avoid this update. I'm on Plex pass so I don't mind paying, but don't remove features/functions , ever, please! Uodate: try figuring out how to delete synced content on your device. Or try to walk a family member through how to sync content to their device for when traveling. plex app still trash , they should try using their own trash iOS interface for once

Cancelling my subscription

Terrible problems connecting to my NAS. Extremely temperamental.

Thanks for the Apple tax

$5 to use the app on iOS...way to gouge the people that actually pay for software. Obviously you wouldn't charge for the platforms with the most users...

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