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My favorite app, but hate the update

Not sure what happened.. But the new Plex Server Update forced a bunch of “collections” to be created in my Library. Hate this. I can’t tell you how much I hate this. Hatred is to weak of a word for how I feel. I use Plex because it gives ME control over my media. Change it back please.

4.25 No Audio

Updating to 4.25 no audio on AAC videos 😭

Plex, please answer! Casting issues

We are a longtime Plex user, and up until a few months ago, we absolutely loved Plex. To be honest, we still love Plex, but this issue is wearing thin...partly because we are getting no answers to our problem, and apparently, many others who have this same issue, are not getting answers from Plex. The issue is with Plex playing nice with Google Cast. We bought a large tv that supports Google Cast and installed it in our home gym. Plex and Google Cast worked wonderfully well together, so well that we bought a second large tv that also featured Google Cast. Everything was terrific...for a few months. Suddenly, Plex wouldn’t Cast to our TVs any longer, neither tv. We have tried everything. My husband is an IT guy at a large company, so he knows his stuff, and he can’t figure it out. The Plex logo just sits on the screen spinning. This happens whether we use IOS or Android. All other apps Cast to the TVs perfectly. Plex does not anymore. Please Plex! At least give us, your loyal customers, some answers. There are a lot of us out here who are frustrated with this issue and all we are hearing from you are crickets.

Better free

I paid money for this app because I was tired of using the the web to launch Plex on my mobile devices. Problems started after this last update. Getting media to play took a long time but when the movie started it was good to go. The subtitles stopped showing up and the playback repeats itself every 2-5 minutes so I decided to buy the app. The subtitles show up now! But the the movie quality lowers by itself, the resume playback does not work at all and sometimes my media won’t show up. This is using cellular data. The resume playback doesn’t even function when streaming on my network. I’m frustrated and regret paying for the app after using it for free.



Good on ya!


I love this app

I love this app I love everything about it is almost completely perfect the one thing I’d like them to as well two things actually is sorting by music genre and I search function for music oh yeah and that is the perfect app phenomenal to the max

Love it!!!

Plex has changed the way I do media!!!!

Simply wonderful

I love it.

News Feed Annoying AF

Not only is this yet another attempt to ramrod unasked for crap down our thoughts to promote agendas, but what’s worse, the minute you peek into “News”, stupid auto-play kicks in....W...T...F guys?!?!? What next? Ads for lifetime users??!?!

Worse than nothing

It's a remote control unless you give them more money. That's right; you're better off using the Plex web interface from your iPad than you are using their custom app. "Interesting" choice, Plex.

Great App

The Plex app and features make media so easy and fun to use as you have everything at your fingertips. After you move down the learning curve it’s a breeze and you realize the power you have accessing your various media. If you have buddies with the app your media just expanded and that’s an awesome feature.

Crashes on iPad 3

Pointless and annoying. I paid for what?? Fix this

Horrible Apple TV experience

Constant crashes. Movies don’t start, and if they eventually do, crash shortly after.

The absolute best media player on the market!

I usually skip writing reviews for apps and software, but for Plex, this software definitely deserves a review. I purchased the Plex media server a couple of years ago and without a doubt, one of the best software purchases I’ve ever made. I’m running the media server with an AMD trinity A-10 processor and 16 gigs of RAM. I’ve got over 900 movies and countless seasons of TV shows. Plex allows me to watch multiple instances of movies, TV shows, and stream music, all at one time on separate devices including streaming it over the Internet. The Plex apps easy to use and very friendly for the non-technical user. And basically built my own Netflix 😝! Thank you PLEX!

Amazing app

This app is the shiat!

Greatest Media server yet

I’ve tried them all and so far Plex holds true as the best one yet. Lots of fixes make it always evolving getting better and better more stable than ever lots of new additions! I’m a satisfied customer!

Not playing movies

Sometimes plex don't want to play any movie at home and never let me see movies outside home i pay for plex pass and i can't watch movie outside home if i don't have wifi and them plex don't help with the problem is like 5 dollars a month for nothing i pay 5 dollars only to be able to watch it in my phone at home with the wifi but to watch it outside i never can't

Not fully utilizing max amount of screen on iPhoneX

Love plex, but the video playback on the iPhoneX needs tweaking to take up as much space as possible on the screen before touching the notch. Check out Netflix they have the proper aspect ratio video using the very last pixel up until the notch to make the video as large as possible on the screen. In Plex you can clearly see about 1/8” gap, and same goes for the non notch side, could extend another 1/8”. Both combined that’s about 1/4” smaller video being displayed then possible. I know it’s not huge but on mobile every pixel matters.

A complete ripoff

Don't bother downloading this, you have to pay for any useful features, just a paid app disguised as free, worst kind of false advertising

Plex mobile review

Plex is at the center of my home media strategy. With a tv tuner, dvr, and media streaming I can watch local tv and my media anywhere I go with zero cable subscription costs. Purchasing the lifetime Plex pass was a no brainer and am happy to support development of this amazing product.

Loving Plex

I love Plex and it has given the chance to explore all the media I had but was previously buried in stacks of CDs and DVDs. Bought a lifetime pass years ago,so glad I did.

OMG - Plex is a MUST have!!!

I am a nerd of nerds and everything networking, mobile PCs, build my own stuff - all that sort of geek dom. I never write reviews...until I ran across this app. I said to myself you know what? It's time to lose my virginity and finally put a review up about something that actually is an enormous amazing step forward. I set up my Plex home server and plugged in a HDhomerun Prime that is connected to my in-home cable. Now all of my media is now centrally stored on server and available everywhere. Like I said this is the best thing since sliced bread!

Broken with family sharing for old users

Had the older paid version and was migrated to this one. Family shared copies keep asking for the in app purchase even though I paid for the app before it was “free”.

The Best Period!

Best media server ever. Years ahead of the rest.

Great app! One request tho...

Some of my videos play upside down. Can you fix this please??

HEVC direct playback is still broken on TV

I don’t know what the issue is here. Direct play (for HEVC) works fine on iOS devices but still broken on TvOS. I don’t know what the deal is but it’s been 3 months since the AppleTV 4K came out and I’m still constantly crippling my server by having forced to transcode. Please fix or allow another app, that knows how to handle HEVC (cough..cough..Infuse) to access plex logins.

Best video server

Have used Plex for over a year, many great features and it keeps getting better.

Plex is great

Love the app. Works great. One thing that could make it even better would be the ability to manage your libraries within the app. Currently I have to use the Plex webapp to scan the library, update metadata, etc. It would be awesome if these sorts of tasks could be accomplished in the iOS app as well.

Just another app that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

I have Plex set up on my Nvidia shield, two Roku units, my windows laptop and an amazon fire tv. It seems like such a cool concept. However, after the hours of research and footwork to try to set up a system which allows me to view local contact, this is just another disappointment. I was excited when I was able to play a few videos in my bedroom. Then, without warning or error message, I couldn’t access my nvidia server from any device. I restarted everything and the media server showed up. However, only about 1 out 10 videos will play because plex says it doesn’t have the codec. I have over 400 video files and everyone of them plays on the VLC media player. I just don’t have the energy to deal with another bust like Plex. And on top of not working properly, they want more money to add features. Why would I spend more on a product that doesn’t work.

All the best in Plex!

Great product. Plex, by far, is the best on the Internet. No BS. I take it with me wherever I go from Atlanta to Japan it’s there with me. Thanks again Plex, for all you do. Keep up the great work. All the best in Plex!!!


Excellent Product - Easy To Use & Manage One’s Media Contents

Great anal action

Crazy scenes, deep oral and anal action

Plex is the best

I have been a Plex Pass Subscriber for a number of years and Plex continues to improve! I have two Plex servers with HDHOMERUN operating in two locations and love it.

Love Plex

The iPhone version is good, but the best is the web browser based one. Please please please fix the AppleTV version, it is horribly!!!

App won't start after upgrade

App had been working fine then after the upgrade it wouldn't start at all on my iPhone 5. Downgrading doesn't seem like an option :(

Get it together Plex!

App on phone and Xbox rarely work. There are many issues and don’t understand why they aren’t fixed yet.

Crashes before opening

The app opens to the startup logo and crashes. Running on ios 9.3.5

Every other update

Every other update complete breaks plex on my iPad Pro 9.7! It works fine and plays everything on my iPhone 6s. On my iPad it loads all my library’s and when I select one it tries to load it and nothing happens. This is persistent on and off local network. Both work on my iPhone.

Please add multiple speed play back 2x

Being using the Plex couple year now. All other media player had adjustable speed for playback, even chrome has one for Plex. Why can’t they build one for iOS? It taking way too long for this feature. They can do 240p or 360p, when speed up the playback speed. Those lower screen resolution should cover the cache issue. Or just only available when you sync to your mobile device, so it local media playback.

Great home theater system and apps

Plex is quite good and buying a Plex Pass membership unlocks all Plex has to offer. I run the Plex Media Server on an old laptop and Plex has apps for iOS, Android, Roku, AppleTV so I can watch my videos and play my music on any of these devices and across multiple users AND can do this over the internet AND can sync files to my phone/tablet so I can watch videos when I’m flying. Those last two points are awesome and the reason for my 5 star rating.

I don’t want to be forced to login to a local server

The title says it all. Even on my own local server, I am forced to log into Plex. It’s down right annoying.

Stick with Air Video

The only thing plex has going for it is app support across multiple platforms. Other than that it’s glitchy, crashes often, and doesn’t work as claimed. I wish I would have stuck with air video. It always worked and never crashed.

Plex is awesome.

One of the best apps I have ever had in a very very long time it is user-friendly and it has so many different options in settings that you can adjust to personalize and make it your own experience I love it and I have recommended it to many many people and I will be user for life !

TV/DVR service doesn't work

I would love if you could fix it now, but I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I am paying to use Plex for TV and DVR. Sometimes it works fine, but most of the time it records a couple of minutes of a program. The recording doesn't show that anything went wrong, but you are allowed watch a few minutes of the show that was recorded (0.5-2 minutes for a thirty minute program). The whole show was not recorded. When I notice something has gone wrong, I can't tell it/force it to record more. Why do you advertise that you are a program/app able to work as DVR?

No support!

I can’t log in to Plex! Says both my email accounts already exist and any username I use is already in use and any password I use is incorrect. Have found no customer support to contact.

$ to stream home content?

My PS3 Plex app, Mac Plex app, and Windows Plex app (all 3 are free apps) can stream content from my Plex server (local) for free. Why does the iPhone app cost $ to stream (more than a minute)? I would recommend using VLC if you want to stream your content to your iPhone. If that fails you could always buy your content from apple and stream it (for free) from them. The Benefit of apple is that you don't need to buy storage space or set up a server.

Latest update doesn't work on my iPad 2

I upgraded Plex and it no longer launches. I factory reset my iPad and the issue lingers! I only use this older device for Plex viewing! :(

Latest update ruin my app

It can't get pass the plex logo before the whole app closes out.

4.24 won't open

4.24 won't open on ios 9.3.5

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